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Don’t scrap your forklift

Sell to us instead! We pay top rates for unwanted used forklift trucks and offer payment on or prior to collection.

We even transport them from your site at no additional cost to you!

Better than scrapping

We will make you an immediate offer for your fork truck. Enter the fork truck details using our online form, upload photos and your seller contact details.

Selling your broken forklifts to is a smarter choice than scrapping them.

This specialised online service understands the true value of forklifts, even in less-than-perfect condition, and offers a convenient platform to connect sellers with potential buyers.

By choosing this option, you can not only recover some of the investment in your forklift but also ensure that it may find a second life with someone who can repair and put it to good use, rather than being melted down as scrap metal.

“It’s an environmentally friendly and financially sound decision that benefits both the seller and the forklift market”

What are you waiting for?

Selling your broken forklifts to is a smart alternative to scrapping them.