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Who is We Buy Broken Forklifts?

We’re here with a simple mission: to buy your Forklift for a fair price and make sure you get a fair price for your vehicle. It doesn’t matter what condition your Forklift is in, we’ll take it so it’s not a burden to you anymore.

Who Are We?

Well from a start off it’s our business, it’s what we do. We are passionate about the repair and recycling of old and broken forklifts in what is an extremely environmentally conscious and aware business. We take delight in seeing old and broken forklifts becoming useful and valuable again once more. Naturally, this is a business we make a profit in, but we are also through our extensive understanding of the marketable to offer our customers a really competitive price for their old and broken forklifts.

Why Sell to Us?

Everybody likes “free stuff”. Here are some freebies we offer: Free advice – our advice is free, call us now and discuss selling your Forklift! Free collection service – we will collect your Forklift for free Free of hidden charges – there are absolutely no hidden charges when using our service Free online valuation – we provide a totally free online valuation hassle-free service – perhaps our most important freebie is our hassle-free service, avoid the hassles of a drawn-out private sale by selling to us!

It starts with our free, online Forklift valuation calculator. The more information you provide, the more accurate a quote you’ll get and this lets you make an informed decision. There’s no need to check with scrap yards or private buyers who will try to haggle you on price.

You can expect a transparent, honest approach with us.

What we do

At We Buy Broken Forklifts, we make it simple for you to sell your forklift from start to finish. Our free forklift valuation calculator will give you a fair, honest price in just a few minutes, so you know exactly where you stand and can make an informed decision.